Practitioner Training

Training video


Welcome to Engaging Fathers in Parenting Programs: National Practitioner Training. You’re almost ready to get started with the online training program. Here are the steps you will need to take to complete the training and receive your certificate of completion.

Before you begin:

  • Please set aside 2 hours to complete the training (make sure to discuss with your workplace if it’s during work hours).
  • Find a quiet place in your house or office.
  • Download the workbook and have it ready before you start the training video. 

Steps to complete the training:

  1. Download the workbook here (you can either print it out or fill it in online) and have it ready to use when you start the video.
  2. Watch the video below. Pause the video and fill in your workbook when prompted.

Please note, this training is no longer part of a research study, so there is no completion certificate or post-training questionnaires provided (these are mentioned in the video). To access the resource (a published paper on recommendations for engaging fathers) please download the paper from:

You may count two hours towards your continuing professional development.

Please note we are conducting research trials in the UK and Canada and there are separate links to training pages for those countries.

Please contact us if you have any questions or problems: email